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Random thoughts

I have become active on twitter of-late. It’s my way of trying to become a public figure which so far has been unsuccessful :(. There is a phrase in Marathi which if translated is ” going  from private citizen to public citizen. it sounds better and I guess was used by P.L Deshpande. Anyway coming back to my invasion into twitter, I have started following MediaCrooks. I read his blogs too. He writes on media which he refers to as news traders, his blogs are too hard hitting and very fluent. He knows what is he writing. I wish i also could write like that. Blogs are too good because it is a one way conversation. While reading his tweets, he comes across as a very impatient man. He doesn’t like to get into an argument. If anybody disagrees with him, calls him moron n stuff and moves on. That’s exactly a quality of teacher. Teachers I find, are the same. teachers also don’t like to get into an argument As pointed by one of his followers, he has a weakness for ladies with beautiful face, but then so has everybody. I started  following him first, so i thought there are lots and lots of Modi fans. Slowly i ventured into others account and I realized there are lot many who hate him and call him fake, and I am talking about non political people. Muslims hate him , I know that. but Hindus too ? I don’t know the reason but will surely get to know it. Media hates him, that is visible. They refer to him as Modi and not even Mr Modi leave aside PM. Central Govt is referred to as Modi govt.One reason is very clear because he doesn’t talk to them. He keeps them at a distance. It must be so difficult to become a prime minister ,so many people talk about  you. You are  responsible for the whole nation. phew!Mr Modi so far is doing good. He is constantly under scrutiny and that’s so nerve wrecking. but he is a strong man. He is least bothered about what media keeps saying about him. at least that is how it appears. To work fearlessly and not giving a damn about what media writes , takes lot of courage. Now on the issue of Maharashtra ,everybody has different views. Some people say that he should tie up with shiv sena and his staunch supporters believe BJP should go alone. So confusing. I think BJP should not form Govt because it doesn’t have a clear majority. I want BJP to form Govt in Maharashtra. I feel the condition in Maharashtra might improve, the roads are awful, the taxes are huge, But the problem is If Maharashtra goes into re election, BJP wont come as Majority. The so called Marathi manoos is Maratha lobby. Maharashtrians are too castist.

It might be in other states too but in Maharashtra, its the reverse snobbery. the brahmins are least bothered about caste but the other castes wont let that happen, other castes wont let brahmins forget. BJP supporters are Gujarati settled here and some brahmins. Everybody talks about abolishing of caste system and nobody does  anything for that. it starts right from school. Nobody , not even a single party is actually interested in destroying the case system. Neither political parties nor common people. We just talk about equality.

Mr Modi follows so many people. I wonder how he must be deciding, same with Mediacrooks.I always wonder, If Mediacrooks has ever met Mr Modi.I am scared to write anything about MediaCrooks because he might read and start caling me moron too.


After a long time ,  am back to writing something gibberish. This is one topic on which I shouldn’t write anything bad. So I guess should start with something good.. Teachers are the pillars of the society. they build the nation. Teaching is a noble profession. Argh ! I cant write anymore nonsense.

Teaching is just like any other job. Teachers take money for what they are doing, So the nobility wears off. The sooner we understand this, the better it is.

There are lot of high expectations from this profession. Especially when we are young, we look upon our teachers. They can do no wrong. Our parents might be wrong, but teachers? no way! As we grow slowly this notion fades away. Do we get it to  see the reality? or just start thinking ourselves to be more smart ? It is difficult to say.

But there comes a stage in everybody’s life when we start doubting our teacher’s knowledge and enjoy finding faults with them. Of course there are certain teachers who don’t have to go through all this, but they are very few in number. 

i think at least in India. this  is one profession which is opted by people who are unable to get anywhere in life,They get into teaching. Sad state of affairs, but true. 😦

Teachers often complain that they have been made into clerks. Especially the school teachers.Their’s  is the most underpaid job. The responsibilities of a school teacher are more and the salary less. If we talk about college teachers, called as lecturers, they have more salary , less responsibility and less work too.  In my opinion the nursery teachers, primary teachers are the ones who are doing the most important job of nation building, they are the ones who should be paid more. They are the ones who actually shape up the minds of future citizens







Books I read recently

Hey ! am back. Recently had been on vacations.Before leaving for Jodhpur, had been to the crossword and bought 12 books, almost 15 days was traveling, so couldn’t read the books in those 15 days but now have started reading it with vengeance.
The first book i started was Sophie Kinsella’s wedding night. the book goes into too much of details of how the younger sister can not consummate her marriage, how her elder sister tries to stop her from doing so.Somehow it was very boring to read it again n again the same details. So far whatever books i have read of hers have been real hilarious, but this one sadly has been a let down.
The second I read was of an Indian author, “the reluctant matchmaker”. it was all the more disappointing. it was again a love story between 2 NRIs. the guy is 6ft 5 inches and the girl is 5ft. The story was very boring and guess the author was trying to write an Indian M&B.though on the cover i read it was full of humor and wit , but i kept turning pages after pages to find the same.
The third was my all time favorite Agatha Christi’s book “spider’s web. the book was nothing like her other classic.
I guess I am not in a mood to appreciate any book, so for the time being should stop reading any. let the remaining books be in the cupboard.

Police in real life and reel life

This just came to my mind when I was travelling from Nasik to Mumbai, watching a movie. The image of police in movies is so tarnished specially if the police is villain. Nowadays maximum number of movies are made on same theme. Of course , the story becomes exactly opposite when the hero is police. but then , some senior police officer is a bad guy. Aren’t we shown which actually might not be true. 

Good, bad or ugly are in all kind of profession. then why are the movies all the time targeting this force only and the most surprising part is nobody objects to this. Doesn’t the movie industry have any duty n obligation towards society ? What does it achieve by maligning the police force? Common people are even scared of talking to them, and after watching movies like boss, I guess they will be all the more scared. So I guess the movie makers should go and see what the reality is.

They too are like common people. some of them might be corrupt but certainly all are not !